Local residents of Nimbin have experienced the war on drugs more severely than most communities in Australia.

Hippies and counterculture advocates have been settling in the Northern NSW area since the late 60s.
NSW Police have weaponised the draconian drug laws to advance their agenda at the cost of local families.

Desperate for change, in 1992, local resident, Bob Hopkins marched down the main street of Nimbin equipped with a bass drum and a megaphone, he made history by protesting for Cannabis law reform in Australia.

Since then, the rally has become known as “MardiGrass” and has been held every year on the first weekend in May.

MardiGrass – 30 Years of Protest is a full-length feature documentary, created to celebrate the 30th birthday of MardiGrass and what’s been achieved during the past 3 decades.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of MardiGrass. Our team visited Nimbin leading up to the 2021 event and interviewed many organisers, volunteers as well as participants.

We also went behind the scenes at the local radio, Nim FM to listen in to discussions about MardiGrass as well as at the MardiGrass Organising Body (MOB) meetings to be able to show you how much work goes into organising an event of this magnitude in a small ‘one street’ village.

Many creators have contributed with video footage from the event, including from the very early days and we tried to bring it together to give everyone a feel of the spirit and atmosphere that MardiGrass creates.

The film is now available to watch here at the Cannabis Broadcasting Network.

You can watch the movie trailer below :


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