Here at the Cannabis Broadcasting Network (CBN) we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality cannabis educational content. 

Medical cannabis is still new to Australia and CBN is here to help you deepen your understanding of this versatile plant. 

We work with Australia’s and the world’s leading experts on cannabis and hemp to deliver the most up-to-date educational media to your screen.

The Challange with Cannabis Education

We recognised early into the medical marijuana legalisation in Australia, that many Australians are confused about what legal medicinal cannabis means to them.

Finding out information about how medical marijuana could benefit you is very complicated and time-consuming. There are all sorts of information out there, creating confusion and making learning about this plant more difficult than it should be.

To help with solving this challenge, we created the Australian Cannabis Summit in 2019 and since then, 5000 patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and other industry professionals participated in the free educational sessions of the Summit.

The Summit brought together Australia’s and the world’s top leading experts in the field to present to the Australian public. Bringing the most cutting-edge medical and plant science and clinical experience directly to your screen.

Based on the success of the Summit and talking to many of our attendees, we released the need for ongoing education on this topic that is specifically for Aussies, and we began to create more educational content.

We have teamed up with leading cannabis doctors, producers, industry experts, and many others to bring the most up-to-date cannabis education to everyday Australians.

Based on your feedback you prefer visuals, so we are focusing mostly on video content as well as some podcasts and audio recordings.

We have a number of topics that you’ve already suggested to us and will bring those to you in the coming months.

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see here at CBN, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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