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Thank you for your interest in the Cannabis Broadcasting Network (CBN). 

If you are interested to stay up to date with the developments in cannabis in Australia, you are at the right place. 

Here at CBN, we are dedicated to bringing high-quality cannabis education to you. So you can stay informed and aware of what is available to you.  

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Our vision is to bring knowledge and experience from the world’s leading experts directly to your screen. 

Medical cannabis has been legal across Australia since late 2016. The Australian Capital Territory now allows its residents to cultivate and possess cannabis at home. 

Australians perception of cannabis is changing. We believe in enabling this process with high-quality and reliable education. 

With this vision in mind, CBN launched the Australian Cannabis Summit in 2019. 

The Australian Cannabis Summit brings together Australia’s and the world’s leading experts in Cannabis. The Summit features over a dozen Doctors, many pharmacists, cannabis growers, and other industry experts.

Here at the Cannabis Broadcasting website, we are aiming to bring to you cannabis education so you can keep up to date with how cannabis is growing in Australia. 

Our team includes cannabis enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds, including media, horticulture, medical and more.  

We have worked with and developed working relationships with many cannabis businesses, including, producers, importers, pharmacists, cannabis clinics, and so on. 

This positions us well to bring the most up-to-date cannabis content to you. We hope you enjoy it!

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